Vedic Astrology Consultations

Your Celestial Birthright
How often do you wonder what has created the events you are living out today, what were the catalysts for past difficulties, and what does the future hold for you?

Vedic astrology allows you to understand the events from the past, what cosmic influences surround you at the present, and what destiny has in store for you in the future. Howard Beckman will discuss your health, love relationships, career, financial and business opportunities, children, and offer spiritual guidance. Enabling you to act in ways that will increase the positive aspects, as well as counteract and decrease any difficult times that may lie ahead.

Vedic Astrology is startling accurate in its predictive capabilities and also has remedial measures used to help a client strengthen positive cosmic influences and to lessen negative ones as seen within the birth horoscope. These include gemstones that can be worn, sound vibrations that may be intoned (mantras) and use of sacred geometric symbols (yantras).

• All full life horoscope readings include one hour of consultation.
• All readings come with natal chart printout.
• Follow-up queries and/or questions answered at no further charge.
• One to one consultations available by appointment. In person, via telephone, mail.
• No problem is too large or too small.

Learn the keys to self empowerment – NOW In an effort to better serve clients’ needs and to deliver recorded consultations in a more timely manner once completed, we will now begin to provide downloads of voice recordings from the internet and charts will be e-mailed as pdf files.
An e-mail will be sent with instructions on how to download your consultation directly to your computer after the consultation. CD’s will still be available upon request

Our Vedic Astrological services include:

Full Life Consultation
This consultation with Howard covers many spectrums of your life; a detailed profile of your inner desires, motivation, interests and abilities. What challenges may occur and how best to move forward. All aspects of your health (spiritual and physical), career and relationships will be discussed, as well as any remedial measures, such as gems, mantras and yantras, that can be used to strengthen particular weaknesses within the natal chart.

Yearly Consultation (Solar Return)
This consultation is very useful if you have come to a crossroads in you life and you are not sure which road to take. Extremely detailed, this consultation offers a very definite prognosis on life’s affairs in one year from any given birthday to the next one. A solar return will help you to make specific decisions according to the facility offered to you in that one year of time in any and all areas of our lives.

Compatibility Consultations
We often think that compatibility readings are for a romantic relationship, and most often this is the case. But it is also very useful if you are going into a business relationship also. Many thousands of dollars and much time and stress could have been saved if potential business partners had consulted Howard for a compatibility consultation before going into business together. Whether you think this is the one and you would like to make sure or if a longstanding relationship can be made more enlivened and “fresh” to fulfill the needs and desires of both partners, Howard will be happy to help. Your choice of two consultations are offered; a short “yes” or “no” or a comprehensive consultation going into much greater depth.

Short Compatibility
Excellent if you want to know if its worth even considering a relationship with someone BEFORE getting into it! This comparison is only $75 and is sent via e-mail or given the results over the telephone. No tape is made and no charts are provided generally, although the charts may be requested, and sent by mail.

Comprehensive Compatibility Consultation
This compatibility comparison is much more extensive. Howard casts and studies both horoscopes of prospective partners and relates all the information in both, as they compare to each other. He will also compare the life periods both will be going through at the same time during life. The reading is available in person, by telephone or by mail and is taped on cassette and then posted along with the charts of both parties. The more a couple understands about each other’s natures, their needs and desires, their likes and dislikes, etc. the easier it is to avoid saying or doing things which disturb the other.

Newborn Natal Consultation
If only our parents had had the opportunity to have a natal chart done for us. They would have known our weaknesses, our strengths, what would interest us and what we could excel at. Would we have drive and ambition or would we be creative and internal? Knowing these things about a child helps us to make important decisions for them as their parents. Having an insight into a child’s abilities can help them grow into healthy, happy adults. The more we understand about our children’s needs, desires, talents, etc. the better we can direct them in education, physical, emotional and spiritual needs and other directives as children that will be realistically useful as far as preparing them for their adult life ahead of them. A great gift for any new parent!

Planetary Gem Consultation
Ever wanted to know what gemstone/s is the right stone for you? The use of natural, untreated gemstones worn as rings or pendants is an extremely old, but viable, remedial measure used both in Vedic astrology and in Ayurvedic medicine. Wearing the correct gem can improve health, communications, relationships, and give greater success in careers and businesses, or even further spiritual tendencies. When worn on the body as rings or pendants, they give out specific frequencies that can aid in our emotional, mental and physical health and can have a great effect on how we view the world around us.
You may also be wearing the wrong gemstone that can cause negative energy, not to worry, Howard will tell you what gemstone you should not wear, as well.

Don’t know your birth time? Contact us and it can be found! All gem readings are sent by email


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