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Hamsa is a master Vedic Astrologer with over 35 years of experience as a teacher of Vedanta and Vedic science. He has traveled worldwide teaching and sharing the interconnection and the importance of the  "Three Sister Sciences" : Ayurveda, Yoga & Vedic (Jyotish) Astrology. He has become known as "the astrologer's astrologer" as some of his clients are also professional astrologers.

Initiated into Bhakti Yoga at the tender age of 20, he spent many years living and studying in India. He is an accomplished author, having written the following: "An Introduction to Vedic Astrology - Spiritual Science of the Ancients, "Mantras, Yantras & Fabulous Gems - Healing Secrets of the Ancient Vedas" and "Vibrational Healing with Gems". He has also created and taught two continuing education courses on Jyotish Gem Therapy and Ayurvedic Gem Therapy. He is currently Director of The Vedic Cultural Fellowship in Florida.

"Howard is a rare expert in gems, in Vedic astrology and in Vedic culture. As a Vedic astrologer he knows when and how to prescribe gems to counter specific planetary imbalances in a person's birth chart. I have observed his quick and accurate analysis of charts and seen how he easily gets to the core of who a person is and what they need in life. He is likely to become one of the most important Vedic cultural guides for the West for the coming years." Dr.David Frawley American Institute of Vedic Studies

"Hamsa has a unique ability to relay this esoteric knowledge in a practical way, allowing his students to understand the core meaning and secrets of this ancient science of divination."
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For further information or inquire about booking Hamsa for an introductory talk, workshop, or as part of a comprehensive teacher training program, please contact Yogamaya at or phone 352 629 3156.



Vedic Astrology is an integral part of Yoga and has been incorporated
into the yoga system in India for over three thousand years.

It helps us to understand who we really are and what makes us
happy and fulfilled mentally, emotionally and on a soul level.


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