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Vedic Astrology

• "I have the utmost of respect for Howard Beckman as a world class astrologer. And to this day, I tell my friends of the profoundness of his readings, that accompany me like a guiding light throughout my life. And much of what he has told me, I personally grapple with over the years with great awe, intrigue, amazement and gratitude. As so many of the things Howard has told me have indeed been a great source of strength and hope for me and speak to me though out different times life, with insightful instruction, when it is most needed. I never cease to be amazed and moved by the accuracy his insights, as various events in my life reveal themselves to validate what he has told me to be true. So no matter how much certain aspects of astrology may challenge me, for various reasons, the fact always remains... that my life is a living evidence that the mysteries of astrological readings, when read by a true expert like Howard, behold enlightening windows into a dimension well beyond the limits of the mind.
Jaya Hari Om! Om Mani Padme Hum" Sincerely, Rebecca Rogan, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Hamsavatar is a great soul who in a world of deception and smoke and mirrors has always spoke straight and devoted himself to the welfare of all he comes into contact with. He is a sincere, honest and devoted human being and our dealings and those we’ve refered to him have always been of the utmost. I am deeply greatful that once in a while such great souls take birth.” Martin Gluckman, International Vedic Society, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Howard’s advice has been critical and very helpful over the past five years in guiding me through some very difficult challenges in my life.  It has been such a comfort to know that I can always turn to him when things are dark and confusing where he has helped me focus on what the important things are in life.  Both my husband and I faithfully use his services and we have gifted his yearly chart advice to our daughter.  So in essence he has become our trusted family advisor". B.B. Ontario, Canada

"When my husband was dealing with a serious illness, I consulted Howard who gave me very helpful advice which sustained me through the situation. He has continued to be supportive in other matters, and I have come to value and trust his advice. He also predicted Barack Obama would win the Presidency for a second time, which turned out to be correct." G.H. San Francisco, California

“Discovering Howard’s Vedic Astrology services was a defining moment in my life and one I wish I’d had the benefit of using previously.  Having been my personal astrologer for more than fifteen years now is perhaps testament to the stunning accuracy and value I find in his forecasts and readings.  I learnt early on, and to my detriment, that working against his advice based on planetary influences was unwise!  Hamsa is a rare gem in his field; prepared to go above and beyond in order to help people, a wonderful gift and blessing that has certainly enhanced and empowered my own life.  When I can make no sense of my world it is Hamsa that I turn to for guidance and support, and I can honestly say he has never failed me." Josephine Ellershaw ~ United Kingdom. Author of bestseller Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All! and Easy Tarot Reading: The Process Revealed in Ten True Readings, published by Llewellyn.

“As the old Eastern saying says "when the student's ready the teacher appears". Your teachings and counsel  'appeared' in my life precisely when i needed it most, for that alone i will always sincerely thank you.
This is what i wanted to convey, that even nowafter 14 years of being an enthusiast and having a small library of authors and research, still i can count on less than 2 hands the amount of people ive even heard about never mind have access to,that have both your depth of experience and ability to not only de-mystify the vedic sciences but actually communicate their principles and truths in plain language, into practical programmes of advice for people to improve the lives of others lives both materially and spiritually.
I wanted to add but forgot, that the benefits of your advice to my health are not rethoric or hyperbole, i did actually refer to you in person and your services when i was invited by Dr Anoop Kaur and The British Association of Accredited Ayurvedic Practitonersto speak at The House of Lords, the highest authority in The British Establishment, to a panel of politicians from all major parties and industry experts from all over the world, about how id benefited from being introduced to Dr Anoop and the Naturopathic health solutions that have defied defy medical prognosis, in November 2009, that this was all intiiated by your consultation and counsel." K.M. United Kingdom

“I met Howard Beckman in 2005 through a life reading. That consultation provided me with a great sense of being confirmed, relief, inspiration and gratitude. Even listening to it years after, i can find new information I have not been aware of. I have been asking Howard for yearly readings every year since then.
 Howard is very honest and very supportive. Even though I have never met him face to face he has become one of the big resources in my life that I have been turning to every year for support. His consultations are filled with accurate timing, information, insight and with a great sense of humor. Howard delivers his wisdom compassionately and he is always to the point. During the years, apart from the readings, I have asked him many questions which he always replied generously. You are definitely in one of the best hands to say the least !" H. S. Istanbul, Turkey

“You have an intuitive approach, which others lack." Y.P. London, England

“Howard Beckman is a man with tremendous knowledge and insight of the spiritual science of Ayurveda. His understanding and ability as an Ayurvedic astrologer is truly profound. Howard is always very professional and reliable. He is also an extremely knowledgeable and interesting man with a powerful and kind personality. He is an excellent communicator and displays a genuine desire to help others and make a genuine contribution to the world. It is with great confidence that I can strongly recommend Howard Beckman for anyone wanting the very best choice for a world class Ayurvedic Astrologer." Namaste R.R Honolulu, Hawaii

“I have been a client of Howard Beckman for over ten years.  I highly recommend his services for anyone seeking a greater understanding of their past, present, and future karma(s).  He is an accurate, insightful, and highly knowledgeable astrologer who can explain the concepts of jyotish in a very down-to-Earth manner.  A consultation with Howard is a great tool for Self-Knowledge.” J.D., Detroit Michigan, USA

“Your kind suggestion of a particular mantra practice really has helped in my ability to communicate, particularly in writing.  I have had difficulty in my life doing this (something like writer’s block) and the practice has really helped." Best wishes, E. L. NYC, USA

“Howard is a rare expert in gems, in Vedic astrology and in Vedic culture. As a Vedic astrologer he knows when and how to prescribe gems to counter specific planetary imbalances in a person’s birth chart. I have observed his quick and accurate analysis of charts and seen how he easily gets to the core of who a person is and what they need in life. He is likely to become one of the most important Vedic cultural guides for the West for the coming years.”  — Dr. David Frawley, Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies, New Mexico, USA

“You have helped me to understand my life’s path and given me confidence and enthusiasm for my future.” — Vicky, Arizona, USA

“I got the CD safe and sound – thank you SO much for sending it! I also wanted to let you know that in the time we talked, I sold 2 paintings and lined up a couple lucrative private yoga lessons..I really attribute it to letting go of a lot of fear and putting more trust and faith in myself and the universe..your reading had a profound impact on me. I totally get that things cycle and go up and down, but trusting that it will work out rather than fearing that won’t is a much better path to be on. Thanks so much again, Hamsa!” — Kiki, Pennsylvania, USA

“Thanks so much for your gracious consultation. I am always particularly appreciative at how accessible you are by phone. It is nice to reach out and find you there.” — Carroll, California, USA

“Thank you, Howard for 8 years of remarkable Spiritual Guidance. You have impacted my life greatly. How fortunate I have been to have your guidance and for you crossing my path. I will always, be wishing you both, the best of everything.” — Janice, New Mexico, USA

“…I think that if you are going to get one (Vedic Astrology Consultation) done, why not get it done by the best.” — Karen, Illinois, USA

“Today I quickly wanted to thank you, Yogamaya and Jude for your latest newsletter and particularly regards your notifying us of the Mars conjunction with Saturn on Thursday July 10th (yesterday) and how this has been building since June 21st thru Aug 9th. Prophetic doesn’t do your prediction justice. Many sincere thanks again to you all for sharing your services with me. God bless you all.” — Luke, England, UK

“Just a brief note to thank you for the astrological chart and reading. It was so kind of you to take time out of your busy schedule and share your knowledge with me.” — Louanne, England, UK

“Thank you very much for my chart. ‘Spot on’!. It has been very inspiring for me.” — Lorraine, England, UK

“…Thank you for your time and guidance. It’s a wonderful and enlightening experience for me. And, thank you for sharing your knowledge.” — Carole, Hawaii, USA

“I want to thank you for what you did for me today. I had no idea how interesting and true to my life the reading would be…You helped me feel like I could make something work in my life…That’s quite a gift to give someone and I want you to know that I am grateful.” — Paige, Hawaii, USA

“Your explanation about God, still sticks to my heart and is unforgettable…I am really glad that I met you and appreciate it. I think you should spread your spiritual knowledge to other people. It will make you feel good and so will they.” — Catharina, Hawaii, USA

“Just to thank you for the Vedic astrological horoscope that you worked out for me. It was interesting, enlightening, and a source of encouragement. It has, in a way rekindled my determination to succeed in life…” — Hanna, England, UK

“I decided to test the proof of the pudding and went to see him for a private astrological consultation…It’s as if I had seen myself through the tool of astrology but from a different angle, and now the pieces of the puzzle have settled in place.” — Iris, England, UK

“Thank you so much for your message. I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant to us. It brought tears to my eyes. Of course, now is a time when it is hard not to doubt, but I knew that your insights would help to shine a light on the path.” — Robert, Hawaii, USA

“A simple message of appreciation to someone who always has a special way of putting others first. And for a very beautiful and moving weekend.” — Mary, England, UK

“I bought an emerald ring from you last year & would like to say that not only has it given me great pleasure to wear, but I am sure that it has enhanced my communication abilities & helped me in what has been a very heavy year.” — Hilary, England, UK

“I installed the Mercury ring on the 26th, then I did a re-installation of the Jupiter ring on the 27th. On the 28th I made radical decisions to alter some directions and launch my career. WOW! I know timing is everything and there were other factors involved than just the installation of the rings, but I also believe the rings to be a big influence. I will say it again, WOW! I don’t know how much of all this to attribute to the emerald, but so far it seems to be a most excellent investment.” — Brian, England, UK

“Many thanks for the gifts of the horoscopes. You really have answered many questions. God has blessed us by guiding you into our lives…” — Padma, England, UK

“Many thanks for the work you have done for me. I have found it of great interest and help. The analysis for April…has so far proved to be accurate.” — Ken, England, UK

“Many thanks for all the help you have given us in finding a suitable wedding date, etc. We have decided on the 27th May.” — Abbey, England, UK

“I thank you for your generosity and time on Sunday…I will say that it was quite an emotional experience for me and made me aware of areas in my life which I thought I had dealt with.” — Hannah, England, UK

“I have had a life-chart reading from you. I have listened to it many times. I found it EXTREMELY useful…I have gone through a very difficult time but now I feel much more better. I am so much more happier in myself…Your reading and advice is very much appreciated. Thank you very much.” — Parminder, England, UK

“…When I look at the positive changes that are taking place, they all have one common link, YOU. Just a few months ago I felt as though I was just drifting from day to day without any real direction…I find it so amazing that you have appeared out of the blue and touched so many lives in such a short period of time. This is truly a remarkable gift and may you inspire many many more lives as you have already done so.” — Ramesh, England, UK

“I would like to congratulate you on the reading. It was very accurate.” — Claire, England, UK

“I must thank you H for all you help and advice you gave me last year. You saved me a whole lot of problems, there were times, I took your advice and kept my mouth shut, when I did feel like I was about to blow my top and funny I could hear your words as clear as a bell…so once again many, many thanks.” — Ed, England, UK

“Thank you again for the last Vedic chart reading you did for me. You gave me so much information and it’s very accurate. Having this information will be extremely helpful to me.” — Diane, Illinois, USA

“I very much enjoyed the 2 days at Lendrick Lodge and am finding your spiritual teaching to be inspirational in my daily practice and work.” — Shirley, England, UK

“I appreciate and am grateful for sharing your knowledge of the Bhagavat-Gita. The fact is your explanation of the Gita is sharp, systematic, clear with example and shows you have a deep knowledge of it.” — Catharina, Hawaii, USA

“I don’t think I or my family have taken the time to say ‘thank you’ for all the help you have given us. Since we came in contact with you we have made nothing but improvements in all aspects of our lives. Things that were once not possible are slowly becoming a reality.” — Saagar, Ontario, Canada

“At last I have a chance to write and say thank you for your reading which I have listened to many times…I felt you read me very well and I also appreciate all of the tips you gave me.” — Michael, England, UK

“Thank you for our recent reading. It was a great pleasure to be exposed to the Vedic interpretation…You and your reading of the ‘stars’ were a wonderful introduction indeed! I am also thoroughly enjoying your CD – beautifully done! Many thanks.” — Joyce, New Mexico, USA

“Thank you for doing my horoscope. I found the tape to be very helpful in very many ways. There are a number of differences between Vedic astrology and the more conventional astrology I see. Thanks again!” — Kari, New Mexico, USA

“My Vedic Astrology Reading was very very powerful and life changing. It helped to free my soul and inspired me on to a deeper awareness. Thank you for opening the doors to my next spiritual steps, giving me the true keys to greater understanding and bring to me profound hope for the future.” — Janice, New Mexico, USA

“Thank you for the help with the additional questions and thanks again for the reading…XXX was pleased I had gone to see you and said you were the ‘real’ thing.” — Ruby Ann, New Mexico, USA

“I am still thinking about the many things that you revealed to me during my reading in Sedona…Your reading allowed me to see so many things more clearly. So I really thank you so much for for giving so much of yourself. It felt nice to be in someone’s presence who was really finding ways to help. I left your room with much more wisdom than I had before.” — Barbara, Arizona, USA


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